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We take pride in what our clients are saying about us!

"Most of all each month, I come away with a deep appreciation for you. You make sense out of the lack of sense, and your caring heart is a beacon that draws us back each month."

Kathleen L., support group attendee

"Tiffany: Just a word of appreciation and thanks for the extraordinary assistance you provided once I contacted you and it became obvious that a family member was exhibiting the initial stages of dementia. The priceless information you provided was spot on from the outset. Quite frankly I can’t imagine how I would have been able to come to terms with the situation and taken the necessary steps required to ensure the best care and quality of life without your guidance and support. Of course, none of this would have been possible without your willingness to work with me via email and telephone conversations since the situation was such that it was virtually impossible for me to see you directly. I would also like to thank you for the truly invaluable advice you provided when I ultimately found myself needing to deal with doctors, nurses and case workers at the hospital. Thanks again for your friendly, patient, professional, timely helping hand all along the way. Please rest assured that it was never taken for granted."

Michael H. - Palo Alto

"Ever since I started taking your classes, I've learned a lot. You've enlightened me, allowing me to bring information back to the family I work for. Because of you I now know more about the disease and symptoms and what to do. I have used the information a lot. Now I enjoy going to work because I have the knowledge and don't have to be puzzled. "

Rhondine Sutherland, LivHome Caregiver

"When dad was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we sought support through Tiffany’s monthly support group. She not only gave us daily tools to deal with the care-giving stress, but we were able to see that we were not alone by hearing and learning from other families going through the same thing. When dad took a sudden fall and we needed to make decisions quickly, Tiffany’s advice was invaluable. She helped us make critical medical care decisions based on his current condition. She gave us the tools to navigate a wonderful place for dad to be in his final days and that was a comfort to all of us. Tiffany is not only knowledgeable about all aspects of care-giving, but helps with a genuine and caring heart."

Leslie Bozzo, RDH - Gilroy, CA

"Dealing with an aging parent for the first time, I had no idea what to expect, but seemed to somehow manage until my father started having cognitive issues. I wanted to help and support him, but my way of going about it proved sadly inadequate. My frustration level was getting progressively higher until I found Tiffany Mikles. Meeting with her was like having a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. She offered tools and suggestions on dealing with my father in such a way that was compassionate, respectful, and understanding without making him feel like he was being a burden (as he had felt in the past). Working with Tiffany was exactly what I needed, when I needed it."

Dr. Deb Sell - Prunedale, CA

"My wife had suffered a severe decline in her Alzheimer's, and I soon became overwhelmed and despondent. A friend introduced me to Tiffany, and she sensed my burden. After a short discussion, she was able to offer solutions and lay out a plan that offered hope. She cared and knew what was needed to help me regain my life. It had the effect of making me a better caregiver, just by altering my mental approach. She gave me tools that I had not received from anyone else. I cant thank Tiffany enough for all she has done for us!"

Steve S. - Santa Cruz, CA

"Tiffany has been facilitating our caregiver support group since we began. She is a great listener, hearing both the immediate issues we bring up and the bigger issues that lay behind them. She has a wealth of practical ideas and information to help with problems. But she also regularly reminds us to keep the larger goals in mind - taking the best care we can of both our loved one and ourselves. We're so grateful to have her help us."

JoAnn McGowan - San Jose, CA

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