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Thank You

June 1, 2017

Dear Beautiful Caregivers –

It was eleven years ago that I had a vision to assist and guide dementia caregivers. Caregiving is an intimate relationship and you brought me into your lives…allowing me to guide you down the unknown dementia caregiving path. We have shared a lot together over these past years. Thank you for your trust along the way.

Over the past year I have been transitioning into a new professional role at the Alzheimer’s Association as a Family Care Specialist, where I continue to support and educate caregivers. I have been operating Dementia Care Coaching (DCC) simultaneously during this past year; however, I am finding it challenging to maintain DCC’s high standards and meet all client needs. Therefore, effective June 15, 2017 Dementia Care Coaching will no longer be providing private client services. We will continue to have representatives providing a few community events.

Since the Alzheimer’s Association sponsors many public, drop-in support groups; presentations and conferences – we will still see each other. I continue to facilitate two Alzheimer’s Association support groups and I invite you to attend any time! And, you can always make an appointment with me or one of my colleagues at the Alzheimer’s Association office in San Jose.

I greatly value the relationship we have developed over the years and it is with deep gratitude that I thank you for your loyalty and trust.

All my best to you and your loved ones,


Dementia Care Coaching
San Jose, CA

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